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Why no Telnet?


Starting with Vista, and continuing with Windows 7, Telnet client is no longer installed as default.

Telnet as a protocol is not widely used any more, nore is it used by the average end user. However it is a tool used very frequently by technicians to debug network issues. Why then is it no longer included in a default install? I can understand why Telnet server etc are not installed, but why not client?

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Barry Kelly on 03.08.2009 wrote: I know, it was one of the first things I noticed after I installed Vista; I needed to test a TCP server, and telnet is one of the quickest and handiest "built-in" ways of doing that. It's pretty mysterious.
Chris Miller on 03.08.2009 wrote: I think they looked at the typical usages patterns for XP and realized that most people didn't use either the telnet server or the client. Plus it represents a potential security hole. At any rate it's easy enough to install from "Program and features". Select "Turn Windows features on/off" under "Tasks" on left side of the window. You should see both the telnet server and the client available as installable features.

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