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Nero Dialogs


Recently I installed Nero 7 trial to check out Nero Recode. Mostly it is a nice program, but there are some really weird dialogs that should be reviewed a bit closer.

I have no choice. Not only is there only one option, but its disabled. Yet I have to click Next. Dialogs like this should be automatically skipped.

Cancel is confusing to the user. What happens if I press Cancel? Is this on purpose to pressure people to buy before the trial runs out? It even has a big scary red x. The button should be a simple Ok button instead.

Being forced to restart my computer is irritating. In fact Nero made me restart twice. But what is even worse is a floating dialog which only has one option. I cannot click it until I close my other applications down. I cannot continue to work because the window floats on top of everything. And even closing down applications is difficult because its always on top!

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