Learn to Code

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I have been programming since 1980 (more info on my background) and in the late 1990’s I began to teach coding. Since that time I have taught coding in primary (elementary), middle and high school levels, and at colleges and universities. I have also remained very active in open source and have mentored hundreds of developers.

As I focus more and more online for teaching and mentoring I found myself having to write the same types of information repeatedly in chat rooms and forums. Thus I decided to establish my own area where I can post articles focused.

This area is not intended to become a full school of coding, but rather provide basic guidance and links to other curricula. In many areas it is intended to fill in the gaps that others leave blank. It might be fair to say that while many resources focus on the hows, this section is intended to focus on the whys.


Initially this area may seem quite disorganized but I am establishing it now so as to begin to put the content in a single globally accessible space.

Target Audience

This section is intended for new and learning coders.