Where should I start?

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I will expand this page in the near future. For now I have provided some minimal content.

Free Code Camp

Currently for those wishing to learn to code I am recommending that students use Free Code Camp. Despite it’s focus on JavaScript, it is one of the best overall learning resources for learning to code that I have found and has a robust support community  in addition to its materials.


JavaScript as a language has several serious design flaws that are an artifact of history. Because of this developers who primarily focus on JavaScript tend to learn very poor coding habits which are very difficult to break later.

Because of this I strongly encourage students who start with JavaScript to also study something such as Python before they begin too many real projects with JavaScript even if they return to JavaScript as their primary language.

Multiple Languages

Any coder serious about coding or their career at a minimum should learn the basics for 3-4 languages even if you plan to only code in one. Learning additional languages will expand your perspective and make you a better coder in the language you decide to settle on as primary.

For more information please refer to the language section.