Kudzu World

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I am a professional software developer, a former Microsoft Regional DPE for The Middle East & Africa, and a former Microsoft Regional Director.

I began developing software in 1980 and am proficient in dozens of programming languages. I have lived in almost a dozen countries and visited nearly 70 countries. Read more at my bio.


  • Articles – A collection of some of the articles that I have written.
  • Blogs – My blogs about tech, software development, web development, and a little bit about the kudzu plant as well.
  • The Kudzu Plant – Learn about this strangely unique plant.
  • Open Source – I have been continually active in open source projects including several that I founded since 1995.
  • Pet Projects – Miscellaneous technical but non software development projects of mine.
  • Wanted by Interpol and the FBI – Yes, seriously. Not a joke, I am wanted by Interpol and the FBI.