I am a professional software developer. I don’t like talking about myself much and even the short summary below I consider to be bragging which I am personally not fond of myself.

However as I do a lot of mentoring and teaching of new developers I am constantly asked to introduce myself and provide some background. So here is a very small summary:


This nickname was given to me by coworkers. Any spot, cubicle, or desk you give me, will not confine me for long. I will soon grow my workspace beyond this area. You can toss stuff back in, but it will soon spread again….. What is kudzu you say?


  • Continually programming since 1980.
  • Creator and chair of several large widely used Open Source libraries and projects including COSMOS (C# Open Source Managed Operating System), X#, IL2CPU and Indy.
  • Know dozens of programming languages and once introduced at a conference as “knowing more programming languages than a UN translator knows spoken languages.”
  • Currently I primarily use C#, Delphi, TypeScript, and Assembly Language along with limited C++, JavaScript, and PHP.
  • Have contributed to several books (now long out of print, 1990s) on programming and author of Indy in Depth.


  • Former Regional Developer Adviser (DPE) for Microsoft Middle East and Africa with a territory of over 85 countries spanning 4 continents and 10 time zones.
  • Former Microsoft Regional Director.
  • Former popular conference speaker worldwide. I have spoken at several hundred conferences and regularly spoke to crowds of 5,000 or more. (now retired)
  • Have taught software development at Primary, Secondary, and University levels.
  • Microsoft MVP.
  • Have performed significant software development work for or been employed by:
    • Microsoft, Borland, Eastman Chemical, Kelly Services, Morgan Stanley, Triple Point Technology
  • Have started and operated:
    • An internet service provider (mid 90s), a regional sales service and repair center for MSI, and various software consulting companies.

Life & Travel

  • Have lived in Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Switzerland, France, Jordan, Russia, Turkey, The Caribbean, and USA. In the USA I have visited more than 40 states and have lived in Tennessee, Texas, Missouri, Florida, Connecticut, and Painsylvania (misspelling intended).
  • Have visited nearly 70 countries, visiting most of them several times.

This map is outdated, but shows some of the countries I have visited.

Other Links


Googling me will turn up tens of thousands of hits, but here are a few of the more visible ones:

Open Source Projects

These are not simply Open Source projects that I contribute to. Each of these were started by me and are currently chaired by me.

Commercial Projects

I have been involved in many commercial products as well as custom in house development. Currently I am involved in:

  • IntraWeb – Currently Delphi, but TypeScript, PHP, JavaScript, .NET, and Java versions coming again soon.
  • CrossTalk – Connect Delphi & .NET.