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I am a professional software developer. I don’t like talking about myself much and even the short summary below I consider to be bragging which I am personally not fond of myself.

However as I do a lot of mentoring and teaching of new developers I am constantly asked to introduce myself and provide some background. So here is a very small summary:


This nickname was given to me by coworkers. Any spot, cubicle, or desk you give me, will not confine me for long. I will soon grow my workspace beyond this area. You can toss stuff back in, but it will soon spread again….. What is kudzu you say?

What’s with the raccoon avatar?

I’m not part of the selfie generation that believes one’s self should be in every photo yet I realize the need for a distinctive avatar in forums and chat rooms. I previously had a varied mix of avatars including a kudzu flower that no one recognized.

When I was young we had a pet raccoon and it remains my favorite animal. It also has many of the same attributes people have used to describe me: curious, tenacious, intelligent, and peaceful unless provoked.


The raccoon is well known in North and Central America, but not so much elsewhere. For a quick intro about the Raccoon, refer here.


  • Continually programming since 1980.
  • Creator and chair of several large widely used Open Source libraries and projects including COSMOS (C# Open Source Managed Operating System), X#, IL2CPU and Indy.
  • Proficient in dozens of programming languages. Was once introduced at a conference as “knowing more programming languages than a UN translator knows spoken languages.”
  • Currently I primarily use C#, Delphi, TypeScript, and Assembly Language along with limited C++, JavaScript, and PHP.
  • Have contributed to several books (now long out of print, 1990s) on programming and author of Indy in Depth.


  • Former Regional Developer Adviser (DPE) for Microsoft Middle East and Africa with a territory of over 85 countries spanning 4 continents and 10 time zones.
  • Former Microsoft Regional Director.
  • Former Microsoft Tech Ed Europe Track Owner
  • Former popular conference speaker worldwide. I have spoken at several hundred conferences and regularly spoke to crowds of 5,000 or more. (now retired)
  • Have taught software development at Primary, Secondary, and University levels.
  • 10 year Microsoft MVP.
  • Have performed significant software development work for or been employed by:
    • Microsoft, Borland, Eastman Chemical, Kelly Services, Morgan Stanley, Triple Point Technology
  • Have started and operated:
    • An internet service provider (mid 90s), a regional sales service and repair center for MSI, and various software consulting companies.

Life & Travel

  • Have lived in Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Switzerland, France, Jordan, Russia, Turkey, The Caribbean, and USA. In the USA I have visited more than 40 states and have lived in Tennessee, Texas, Missouri, Florida, Connecticut, and Painsylvania (misspelling intended).
  • Have visited nearly 70 countries, visiting most of them several times.
  • I am currently wanted by Interpol and the FBI (not a joke)

This map is outdated, but shows some of the countries I have visited.

Other Links


Googling me will turn up tens of thousands of hits, but here are a few of the more visible ones:

Open Source Projects

These are not simply Open Source projects that I contribute to. Each of these were started by me and are currently chaired by me.

Commercial Projects

I have been involved in many commercial products as well as custom in house development. Currently I am involved in:

  • IntraWeb – Currently Delphi, but TypeScript, PHP, JavaScript, .NET, and Java versions coming again soon.
  • CrossTalk – Connect Delphi & .NET.