Open Source

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I have been continually active in open source since 1995 and I am the founder (or co-founder) of each of the following open source projects.

Founded Projects

C# Open Source Managed Operating System (Cosmos) is a toolkit for building operating systems, written nearly completely in the C# and tiny amounts amounts of a high level assembly language named X#.

IL2CPU (pronounced IL to CPU) is an AOT compiler that is written using a Common Intermediate Language compliant language (C#). It translates .NET (any language) Common Intermediate Language to machine code.

Internet Direct, also known as “Indy”, is a free software / open source socket library written in Object Pascal, an object-oriented version of Pascal. It includes clients, servers, TCP, UDP, and raw sockets, as well as over 100 higher level protocols implementations such as SMTP, POP3, NNTP, and HTTP. Indy includes support for OpenSSL and Zlib in the protocol implementations. Indy 10 was ported to Free Pascal, and runs on Windows, FreeBSD, Linux, and Darwin.

Indy was open sourced around 1995 and is still an active project today with a large user base.

X# (pronounced X Sharp) is a HLA (High Level Assembler) for X86/X64 assembly. In the future other flavors for ARM and other processors are planned. X# is integrated into Visual Studio and we are working on support for Visual Studio Code as well. X# can also be used using simple text editors such as notepad.

Participant Projects

At various times I am active in other’s open source projects, but currently I am focused only on the ones listed prior.