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Post to Multiple Facebook Pages from a Single WordPress Site

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I help manage almost 20 domains. One of the domains has multiple blogs and multiple Facebook pages, one for each product. WordPress can automatically post new blog entries to Facebook using Jetpack or any number of plugins.

Jetpack and the Plugins

Strangely though, neither Jetpack nor any plugins I found can post to different Facebook pages based on blog category and all posts from a single site are tied to a single Facebook page for sharing, or at most can post each post to multiple pages, but not a Facebook page per blog category. I found only one plugin that can do this, and for some reason the feature has been removed. Worse yet, the plugin is now unsupported and effective DOA.

Its likely that the expensive options like HootSuite can do this, but its just mind boggling that Jetpack or at least a plugin cannot do this task. I spent a lot of time Googling for answers. What I found were lots of others asking the same questions, but no workable solutions.


IFTTT to the rescue. There is a caveat here too, but it is minor. Do not use the special applets built for this as all of the ones I tried had the same issue – they can only monitor one site per facebook page.

I thought then to install multiple instances of the applet, unfortunately this functionality is new to IFTTT and most applets have not updated their API to support this.

A premade applet is not needed. You can simply create a new custom applet based on built in actions and create one for Facebook. Unfortunately someone at IFTTT was sleeping again because once you tie one action to a Facebook page, all actions are tied to the same page. To get around this, you must set up dummy emails and multiple IFTTT accounts.

Many have suggested that Zapier can do multiple accounts properly but I have not investigated it yet.

Setting It Up

From “My Applets” select New Applet.:


Click +this


Select RSS Feed:


Select New feed item:


Find the category feed on your WordPress site and add feed/ to the end of it. For example:


This represents the automatic RSS feed from the WordPress post category. Enter the feed URL here and click Create trigger:


Click +that:


Select Facebook to post to your wall, or Facebook Pages to post to a page you manage.

Unfortunately there seems no way to post to Facebook groups, but only pages or walls. Facebook groups were supported but it was removed several years ago and never readded. You can hack past it using the group email, but it has some side effects.


This is from the Facebook selection, if you selected Facebook pages it will look slightly different.

Connect to Facebook:

Select Create a link post:


For now use the defaults. They can easily be changed later. Click Create action.