Delphi Source Side by Side

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Finally – able to view 2 files side by side. Sure you can undock it and do it with the window but it doesn’t work as well and the Delphi IDE really freaks out if that second window goes to a different monitor with a different DPI setting.


Project is dead for a while now, but I have tested it in 10.2 and it works fine.

Just compile and install the package. It only has packages up to XE7, but you can easily use the packages in newer IDEs without issue.


There are no directions, so I will save you some trouble.

After the new window opens, you can now drag and dock it like other dockable panes – ie where Project Manager, Toolbox etc normally are.


I wish it were as easy as Visual Studio Code though, and its hard to believe that we still don’t have this as part of the IDE after 20+ years.

Visual Studio has this built in, and most would even call it as core feature.

Known Problems

  1. An otherwise harmless AV often occurs when you exit Delphi.
  2. RADSplit windows are not saved as part of desktop layouts.
  3. Related to #2 – On each run any RADSplit Docked window disappears when changing to run layout, and is not restored when debugging ends. So docked windows only “live” until you run the application in the debugger.

Despite this, RADSplit still is very useful.


Get RadSplit