vs Dell XPS 210

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Notable Differences

  1. No RAID 0 – There is also no place to add a second disk. I have found the RAID 0 to be a core feature in the speed of the system and would not build a system without it.
  2. Max RAM 4GB – The Powerful Portable can do 8 GB which is important for larger scale virtualization and higher load SQL Server demonstrations.
  3. No GB Ethernet – The Ethernet is only 10/100. The Powerful Portable has 2 x 1 GB Ethernet + 1 WiFi.
  4. Not Portable – The XPS 210 is smaller than the Mark II, but has square corners (on back side), no handle, and no feet. Square corners catch on things easily. The Powerful Portable purposefully has rounded corners as well as rubber feet. In addition the Powerful Portable has a close top case to keep ports from catching and dirt out.

Versus Mark II

The XPS 210 is roughly half the size of the Mark II, but nearly the same weight.

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Versus Mark III

The Mark III is built, and it definitely beats the XPS210.